Project Sunset (tentative title)

A Simple Task

There has been an unmistakable tension in the air for the last few days in the easternmost district of Aidrice, the slums in which much of the city’s criminal element makes its home. Lisette, matriarch of the street gang known as the Aristand family, has put out word that she wants to recruit outsiders for a job. Thus far, no details have been given other than that it is simple, in the best interest of everyone in the slums and it will pay handsomely…and also a promise of all of the food and water rations one can carry. As the rumor goes, all who are interested are to gather in the abandoned grain mill, and someone will be waiting there to choose from the prospective hired hands. Exactly what the job entails will be explained to those who are chosen.

Exactly what she wants is anyone’s guess. Lisette has a long standing reputation for being unpredictable. If the rumors are to be believed, she has a hand in nearly all of the city’s various methods of privateering, but those rumors also state that no Aristand has ever gone back on their word without suffering dire consequences, for better or for worse. With rations inexplicably harder to come by in recent weeks, this may be an opportunity that no one can afford to dismiss.



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